I am a confident public speaker, specializing in (and extremely passionate about) various topics within the realms of achieving true happiness and fulfillment, world-class mental health, and being successful on your own terms. I am happy to speak at both in-person and online events.

Shaped by my experiences in life, ranging from massive successes to colossal failures that at one point left me sleeping in my car and £70,000 in debt, I have developed empathy and a wisdom that together make me a speaker that delivers with just one intention – to help people.

When I speak, I aim to deliver my message with energy, empathy, but also at times with some tough love which comes from my authenticity and desire to tell people what they need to hear rather than what they might want to hear! Everything I speak about comes from an intense desire to change people’s lives for the better when it comes to their happiness, fulfillment, mental health and success.

Examples of Current “Workshop Style” Speaking Topics

Ten Concepts to Take You From Crappy to Happy

Touching on ten “keys” that I believe begin and accelerate the path to happiness, this session is designed to give people the knowledge and tools to take them from wherever they are on the unhappiness scale, to a world-class life of unlimited and abundant happiness.  I deliver some powerful principles but also some cold hard truths about life that are needed to take my audience to the next level of happiness.

How to Figure Out Who You Really Are

Starting with WHY knowing yourself is so fundamentally important to achieving long lasting happiness, this session gives the audience the tools and insights that will allow them to figure out who they are, become self-aware, and how to then utilize that knowledge to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Why Failure is Not the Opposite of Success – it is PART of Success!

This session debunks the myth that failure is bad, and is somehow a different entity to success, and gets people to understand that failure is a necessary feature to achieving success.  In doing so, I aim to inspire people to take action in a way that empowers them to embrace the inevitable failures that will come their way, so they can ultimately achieve “traditional success”, and also the true success of being happy and enjoying the process of life!

Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Deeply Flawed, and How to Stop!

Here I expose the dangers of “comparison sickness” and explore why comparing ourselves to others is such a waste of time on so many levels. The session is ultimately designed to help the audience stop comparing themselves to others, so they can get on with their lives and achieving their goals in a far happier state. I also discuss the one positive way in which you should compare yourself to others!

Current Keynote Speaking Topics

True Success is to be Happy, and Happiness Begins With Knowing Yourself

In this powerful talk, inspired by my own real life successes and failures, I delve into why TRUE success is to be happy, where people go wrong in the pursuit of happiness, and how knowing yourself is the first thing anyone who is not happy needs to do in order to turn things around.  Packed with emotion, inspiring lessons and humour, this is designed to be a potential game-changer for those in the room struggling with happiness and mental health.

The Power of Perspective

Too many of us have lost perspective in our lives, which has massively impacted our happiness. In this keynote speech I discuss the power of perspective, a power that has helped me to become the incredibly happy and positive person I am today. I explain what perspective is, where my own perspective came from, and how it can help anyone survive through the tough times of life, and thrive during the good times.

Empower your life by taking responsibility

A victim mentality is becoming a disease in life that is robbing people of happiness and fulfillment. In this inspiring talk, I empower people to ditch the victim mentality and take full responsibility for their lives, so they can better deal with and overcome anything in their life, and ultimately build the lives they dream of.

Want me at your event?

If you’re interested in checking my availability and booking me for a future in-person or online event, you can get in touch with me directly by emailing me at james@jamesehill.com, and I’ll get back to you to discuss things in more detail.