From Crappiness to Happiness

How to build a world-class life rich with happiness

My first ever book on the subject of happiness, this book charts the principles that helped me go from a bad place in my life, triggered largely by my divorce and subsequent tumultuous few years of reckless behaviour, to the world-class life of incredible happiness that I’m living and building every day now.

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10 Truths About Trading That Will Transform Your Performance

What I wish I had know before I started my trading journey”

I spent many years investing and trading successfully, before a divorce triggered a tumultuous few years of reckless behaviour that led to me losing it all – but also led to me learning an incredible amount about trading and the trading industry that will be of unparalleled value to the aspiring retail trader.

Sometimes in life, it’s as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do.  This is particularly true when it comes to financial trading, where it is said that over 90% of retail traders lose 90% of their capital within 90 days – the famous 90-90-90 phenomenon!  If you want to avoid becoming just another losing retail trader, you need to read this book as soon as possible.

This is a brutally honest book about trading that will expose and lay bare the 10 truths about trading that will either cause you to realise that trading is not for you and so save you a fortune, or help you to actually be one of the successful few and so make a fortune.  Either way, you win!

This book is available to download on Amazon Kindle here.


Finding Your Happiness

Finding Your Happiness” is my first ever course on the subject of Happiness, and is fundamentally about how to increase your happiness and build a world-class life in the process.

In this course you will learn exactly what I mean by “happy” and “happiness”, how and why true success is to be happy, and the ten powerful principles to understand and implement in order to maximise your happiness.

My ultimate aim is not to leave you feeling “OK” or “content” or “pretty happy”, but to give you the tools and knowledge needed to be incredibly happy with yourself and your life!  Understand however that it will take work, effort and discipline to achieve this level of happiness, so please only take this course if you are prepared to apply those.  There are no “magic bullets” to achieving unbelievable levels of happiness.

If happiness was a currency, I’d be a millionaire, and I want to share my “wealth”, a.k.a what has made me this happy, with as many people as possible.  If you would like to learn, please enroll now!

The course is FREE and is available on Udemy here.

Know Yourself:

Self-Awareness as a Gateway to Happiness

In my second course – “Know Yourself” – you will learn why knowing yourself is so important to happiness, how to get to know yourself on a deeper level than ever before, what your values, motivations and main personality types are, and tips on how to apply self-awareness to your life to maximise happiness.

Aristotle once said, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. In my opinion, knowing yourself is also the foundation upon which happiness is built.

Whether you are desperately unhappy with your life, or simply feel “OK” but have a nagging feeling that life should be about so much more than just feeling OK, then this course could be for you!

Knowing yourself deeply has many benefits, starting with the headline fact that you will feel more happy, alive, and fulfilled, right down to the more specific benefits like greater self-esteem, less chance of being affected by the opinions, judgements and expectations of others or society in general, and more productivity and self-motivation in everyday life.

If you are ready to dive deep into your soul and uncover the real you, all so you can create and craft a life you love, then please enrol now and I’ll see you on the inside!

The course is available on Udemy here