Hello and welcome! I’m James. I’ve failed a ton in life, and I have my quirks and insecurities like many of us do, but do you know what? I’m incredibly happy and fulfilled and one of the things I am most proud of is my world-class mental health. These are the areas in life I believe I can offer the most value to people. There are loads of people far more “successful” than me, but I also know for a fact, just from observing and speaking to others, that there are very few people happier than me, more fulfilled than me, or with better mental health than me.

I don’t want that to be the case though. I want to see many more people feel the same about life as I do. I want to empower you to a life of true happiness, fulfillment and world-class mental health. I aim to do this through my Youtube channel/videos, books and courses, and public speaking. Occasionally, I will distribute some “tough love”, but only because it’s my authentic self and it will always come from a place of telling you what you need to hear, not what you necessarily want to hear!

I have many other hobbies and interests. For a start, I LOVE making videos! These vary from my own cheesy dance videos and my own version of James Bond film trailers, to videos aimed at helping you build a life of happiness and fulfillment, world-class mental health, wealth and success on your own terms. I also edit and/or produce videos for small businesses and individuals under the banner of Fearless Flow Productions!

As you may have guessed from the previous paragraph, I enjoy dancing (I am currently learning “proper” dancing and not just my own “S Club 7” style moves!!) and James Bond films.

Having grown up on a farm, I also have a love of food, nature and the countryside, and so LOVE things like walking, hiking and foraging for wild food! These are all things that contribute to my happiness and mental health too. My next business will be a foraging based company, details coming soon so watch this space!

Finally, I’m also a lover of cacti and crocodiles. Well, I did warn you that I have my quirks!

My story

My life has been one of extreme highs and crushing lows.

For example, at one point in my adult life, I was in the gutter of hell – mentally, emotionally, and financially. In 2014 I had a low paid job, I drove a car on the verge of collapse, this car was also my house (yep, sleeping in it), I was single (not surprisingly!), and a nice £70,000 in debt, having lost a lot of money during what can only be described as a few years of reckless behaviour both during and following my divorce.

Fast forward to today and the change is almost unbelievable.

I now live in a nice house in Huddersfield (UK) with my girlfriend who I have recently got engaged to – it is without doubt the greatest relationship of my life. I’m debt-free and pursuing my wider ambitions and vision, and loving the process of doing so!

I am fit and healthy with world-class physical and mental health, building good habits and continuing to work on breaking bad one’s! I have written two books, produced multiple courses, and am continuing to develop as a public speaker. I go on lots of mini-adventures and in short, love my life.

I tell you all this not to brag but to show just how much has changed and what’s possible when you knuckle down and focus with the right attitude and work ethic.

I’ve had some amazing experiences in my life such as running marathons across four different cities, travelling all over the world, winning multiple tennis titles at club level, flying around in helicopters, going to the Royal World Premier of Skyfall (as a lifelong James Bond fan, it’s hard to describe what a big deal this was to me!).

As alluded to however, I’ve also had some pretty bad experiences in my life, such as the tragic death of my best friend while at University, a divorce, and then a period of driving my life so far into the ground that I was homeless except for my car!

All these experiences, good and bad, have shaped who I am today, and given me some extraordinary insights into life that I believe can help you too.

My “tag line” that I came up with for myself is “powered by positivity and perspective”. I know this might sound cheesy, but I don’t care because it’s just the truth! Positivity and perspective energise and power me to the extent whereby I feel like I can get through anything while enjoying the good times to the maximum.

Maybe I can do the same for you?

Whether you want to develop a life of incredible happiness and fulfillment, world-class mental health, and success on your own terms, or want a video produced for your business or for some personal reason, I’m sure I can help you and add value to your life.

Let’s do this!