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Fearless Flow Productions

Need a promotional video for your business or a video you want bringing to life for personal reasons? No problem, simply get in touch with your questions or requirements and we can take it from there. Please email me at

YouTube Channel

Most people do NOT seem to be truly happy and fulfilled in their lives, with world-class mental health, wealth or even success on their own terms. This channel therefore challenges you to think and do things differently to the majority of people in order to build a life of incredible happiness, fulfillment, world-class mental health, and success on your own terms, free from the shackles of mainstream and mediocre thinking.

Public Speaking

I'm available to hire as a speaker at your in-person or online event for keynote, standard and "workshop" style speeches on the topics of building a life of happiness and fulfillment, world-class Mental Health, and being successful on your own terms (being yourself and doing and achieving what YOU want to achieve), all within the theme of thinking and doing things differently to the majority of people. Please contact me directly via email to check availability and to book;


My books "From Crappiness to Happiness" and "10 Truths About Trading That Will Transform Your Performance" are both available on Amazon Kindle. "From Crappiness to Happiness" also available as a FREE PDF E-Book via this website.
I also currently have some FREE courses listed on Udemy: "Finding Your Happiness", "Know Yourself: Self-Awareness as a Gateway to Happiness" and "How to Start and Build an Exercise Habit"

Foraging Fun

New business/service coming soon!